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Dear Boss: A Victim's Victims

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TRYING TO PROVE that a historical figure was not Jack
The Ripper was the beginning of 15 years of research. At each
turn, whether it be motive, opportunity, psychological profile,
etc., I could not remove him from suspicion. What I found
only kept pointing more and more toward he could have
done it. It was painful not be able to cross him off my list.
As we have learned mass-murderers come in various shapes
and sizes. Theodore Robert Bundy by all appearances was a
well groomed, well-mannered model of young manhood and
yet underneath that facade lurked the cold heart of a killing
machine. My suspect does not fit that mold on the outside
but was thought to possess a spiritual soul and kind heart.
Could he have also hidden a dark side? A dark and hideous
side that could also patiently wait? Wait to grow strong and
lash out at the progenitors of his deep and repressed hatred?
Who of us can be sure we can spot a true monster?

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