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Learning and Enriching Who I Am: An African American Teen Mother to Be

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Are you a teen or young African American mother to be? If not, do you know someone who is? Having difficulty dealing with your feelings and emotions? Cant imagine reaching your future plans or dreams now that you are pregnant? Need someone or somewhere to turn? You are not alone! Learning and Enriching Who I am can help you find your way.

Learning and Enriching Who I Am clearly outlines a comprehensive guide and weekly journal into the physical and emotional aspects of pregnancy with a blend of African American cultural beliefs and views.

Denise helps the young African American mother to be prepare for motherhood by providing information and a week to week journey through the pregnancy.

Learning and Enriching Who I Am grants insight and encourages the young mother to capture her feelings and face the realities and challenges of pregnancy.

Right now the future may seem years away and you have an entire life ahead of you. Pregnancy and motherhood can be the most rewarding times of your life but require preparation, information and understanding. What better gift to give to your offspring than to prepare for his or her birth. You can prepare for later, starting now by reading Learning and Enriching Who I Am. Your journey into a healthy and gratifying pregnancy for you and your baby starts here!

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