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How to Start Your Law Practice in the Next Thirty Days for $5,000 or Less: Guide for Lawyers Who Want to Be Doers, Not Dreamers.

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About 29 years ago, when I started my law practice, I had only about $1,900 of personal savings and a used IBM typewriter. Since then much has changed but the basics are just the same. To be successful, you have to start and you have be inspired and you have to take some risk. Your success depends on how many people like you, not what you are. Of course knowledge and skill are necessary but it begins with being likable.

I had a small office of about 12 ft by 12 ft on the second floor near 15th and Walnut in Philadelphia. There were about 10 other lawyers, each with his own unique practice.

One of them now has a $5-million personal injury practice. He is probably a millionaire.

One is semi-retired .

Another died.

Still another lost his license.

I am still practicing and last year my gross annual income was about $219,000.

I hope to do better this year. I am not a millionaire.

This book is not for the reader . This is guide a for the doer. It is supposed to inspire you and give valuable information. This is a handbook for those who want to start. This does not cover everything.

The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step. Take that step now.

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