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No Distance Between

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* A non-fiction, first-person account of human frailties falling victim to circumstance, this book is bristling in the vernacular, sexually explicit, and graphically descriptive in parts.

* A married, 36-year old male teacher is falsely accused of having an affair with Ann, an 18-year old female student, in an Alternative School setting.

* The involvement between this unlikely pair simmers in the heat of false accusation before bursting into a torrid love relationship.

* The unknowing couple are stunned to learn they are not alone; the path they have traveled is neither unique nor novel, but a quite heavily traversed and well-worn thoroughfare.

* The story ends in tragedy as Ann, stalked by Misfortune for most of her life, falls victim to a final adversity, an inoperable brain tumor.

* Ann dies, the memories remain, and the love lives on.

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