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Ada's Poems & Stories: Life's Etchings

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Writing has always been an inseparable part of me. At first it didnt seem necessary or important to share with others. Then we bought our first PC and have been on the Internet about three years. Since then sharing has blossomed into unbelievable proportions. It is a thrill to be able to share with others. Hopes dreams and things we all wish for, such as acceptance by fellow writers. I can not think of one single thing that inspires me to write poetry. The entire spectrum of living is an inspiration. I feel extremely passionate about life with all its complexities. Ive always thrown myself head long into every project I tackle. Intensity serves me well by capturing the moment, fresh and captivating. The results get me into to trouble at times in that I loose all concept of time. Here I bow to my husband and his patience for many late dinners when in the middle of a writing frenzy. Endless miracles of love spur me on!

Unfortunately, in late 2001, ADA was diagnosed with stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. She indured five major operations, & 38 Kemos. On July 4, 2004 she passed away at our home in Banning Ca.

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