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Zarketh: The Hungering Cold

272 pages5 hours


Fifty-five years of torment and suffering. Fifty-five years since the day that the great hero known as Dmitri Sergei Sion, killed almost everyone that he cared about, all to preserve peace in the universe. That day is known as the EX-Day, and it is the day where Dmitri Sergei Sion laid his sword, The Ark of Dreams, to rest vowing to never pick it up again. After Fifty-Five years of trying to find a cure for his pain, trying to find a way to fix everything that has been done, the hero is called back into the universe he left behind with one placed glance. Knowing that it is his destiny to continue fighting, he picked up his blade once again and returned to the universe, facing an enemy much different from the enemies he has faced over his life time. This new enemy is much more cunning and intelligent than he had anticipated, and the environment he faces them in, is much more chilling than one could think. Finding new and odd allies while reuniting with old faces, Dmitri finds himself in a position where he is forced to revive an old weapon he once destroyed, to use it against this new foe. Sadly even with this weapon, the hero knows that this new foe cannot be defeated with pure force. With the enemy closing in in mass numbers, Dmitri raises his sword, leading his Brotherhood into a new frozen age of war.

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