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The Neutralized Church

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Does the Bible teach Christians to avoid politics, as many claim? We are watching the greatness of America disappear and immorality is thriving. We are taught this is "God's will". A variety of scriptures are used to support this teaching but are they taught in context?

This book does a very indepth study of these scriptures and argues that it is Satan, not God, who desires that Christians avoid politics.

The purpose of this book is to show four satanic lies that the church is embracing. Politics is, in The United States, a means of performing our Christian mandate of being salt and light.

Satan alone benefits from Christians not being involved in politics. He has crafted a deception that will permit him to build his coveted one world tyranny by neutralizing the church.

If you believe this country was founded by Christians you cannot accept that it is wrong for Christians to be involved today. .

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