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America, Under New Management: A “Minority’S” Guide to Understanding the “Angry" Tea Party/Republicans

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America, Under New Management: A “Minority’S” Guide to Understanding the “Angry" Tea Party/Republicans

Length: 140 pages1 hour


Once upon a time in North America, an African American named Barack Hussein Obama became President of the United States of America. The very next day after his inauguration, over 100 white new Militia's were started; the tea party was launched, and Republican so called conservatives began plotting to remove the new President by any means necessary! This book offers a crash course no "pun" intended to understand the Republican Parties ideology, philosophy, aims, and purpose. After reading America Under new Management you will have a clear understanding of the "unclear" yet destructive pledge Republicans have planned for most of America. Contrary to conservative pundits and politicians, the sole ingredients to "world peace" do not consist of conservatism, capitalism, or selfishness. Rather, a balance of conservatism, liberalism, and true equality is the winning combination for America. Today Republicans have declared all out war on anything liberal! Their radical rhetoric and code names used for the President is validating the belief that racism is stronger then ever. Final thought Since America's beginning, many of her minorities haven't felt the American pride for obvious reasons. Ironically, for the first time in American history through the election of President Barack Obama, masses of minorities were overcome with new American pride. Many of us actually never thought this day would ever happen and Republicans/Tea Partiers are hell bent on making sure it never happens again!

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