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Volume Iii Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy: Hypnoanesthesia, Pain Control, and Improved Health

90 pages59 minutes


This book is for professionals in the Medical field, but also anyone interested in improved health and pain relief for themselves or family.

It has scripts to hypnotize others as well as oneself to the depth of Anesthesia for medical procedures, surgery or dental work. This is especially helpful if anyone is allergic or has a bad reaction to chemical Anesthesia.

It includes Painless Childbirth. It shortens labor and is less traumatic for the newborn and mother.

How to focus the mind with Imagery to eliminate pain or greatly reduce it. This can be done in about one minute. It also teaches Imagery and Auto-Suggestions to improve health and react to the Doctors treatment rapidly. This technique has helped serious cases like cancer patients to have less pain or even eliminate it to give them relief. This can also get total healing.

These are only some of the many techniques taught in this book.

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