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The Sending Booth

460 pages7 hours


Jon Ryan's suspended animation flight into the 100-year future almost ends in disaster when his craft crash-lands on a deadly forbidding, radioactive planet.

Just managing to activate one of his cargos sending booths containing a mechanical robotic ABEX figure, he is able to receive help from Earth before the radiation can finish him off. In turn, Jon uses that magic booth to teleport himself to the safety of that future Earth.

To him, the wonders of this new world are mind boggling, as he is assimilated into it, praised and revered by the people of a power-starved world, for succeeding in reaching a radioactive ore supply that promises to power the world's fusion processes for eons to come.

An inadvertent booth body switch gives Jon a whole new set of problems to contend with. If that weren't enough, a former lover heats up the pages of the story, he invents a miracle cloth that responds to ones body temperature, new booth technology creates instant body transport, a chase for his rightful body goes beyond the domes where the reader meets the Clan, a fast, revolutionary cloning process is introduced and the most startling turn-of events of all, one's essence, one's very being, is freed from it's body to soar to the stars!

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