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One Nation Under Which God?: Serious Questions for the Serious Christian

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One Nation Under Which God? Especially with the advent of the Tea Party in 2010, we more and more frequently hear conservative Christians expressing wishes that America could return to its founding values. Wake up, people! We now experience the inevitable fruit of the seeds we planted upon this nation's inception. Face the facts! We put Anti-Truth, aka self-evident truth, in Christ's place, Satan, aka, Nature's God, in the Father's place, my will be done, aka democracy, in place of Thy will be done, service to Mammon, aka the Profit Motive, in place of service to God, and religious freedom, aka idolatry, in place of piety! How must we answer our title question? We believe that question will grow increasingly pertinent as the pace of American secularization continues to increase. Ironically, a good deal of that secularization is guised as spiritual, again just as we would expect from an Adversary who "has deceived the nations". This is the nature of the Great Apostasy, and look who we find heading the charge!

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