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… and the Echo Follows: An Essay with Photographs

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Asking the question, What is the connection between food and democracy? raises a lot of other questions. Some of the answers invalidate many of the myths of our assumed knowledge. Other answers describe the history and experience of a different understanding.

What is the Green Revolution? What is food sovereignty? What is the verticalization of agriculture? What is agroecology? Who were Adam Smith and Karl Marx? Is free trade free? How much does a military cost? Where did this economic mess come from? Is a democracy a vote for who? Is land identity? What has art got to do with it? Do I care?

Surprising to some, well-understood by others, many of the answers are available for both discussion and practice. Millions of women and men, farmers, indigenous people, and peasants are creating autonomous movements, social and economic relations, and processes of decision, which make power unnecessary and undermine alienation. They are movements, people of dignity.

This is an investigation to learn.

204 pages. Approx. 60% text / 40% photographs. 203 original photographs.

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