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Khloe Dutch!

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Khloe Dutch is a loveable, charming first grader who is awestruck by her 15 year old cousin Paige from Memphis, Tennessee. Paige comes to visit Khloe and her family in Chicago for the summer. Khloe, is mesmerized with Paige because she is a teenager, with all the answers Khloe is convinced that the teenagers are the smartest people on the planet, therefore, Mom and Dad know little about life and having a good time. Paige and Khloe embark on a few adventures from taking the Metra train into the big city of Chicago, exploring Michigan Ave. and Millennium Park to sneaking away from Mom and Dad on vacation in Florida. Khloe and Paige get into all kinds of trouble in the short time that Paige is there. The story is told in first person from Khloes point of view. The story has lots of humor and gives you a modern look at teenagers today, from their obsessions with music, Facebook, Myspace and their clothes.

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