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My husband, Pastor Darryl Hale passed away May 2007, but his legacy continues in

countless ways. I am honored to present his poems to you for the purpose of your

inspiration, edification and increased hope and faith in God. My desire is for you to

know and follow God more fully, and sincerely, as you read from a remarkably gifted

man who truly personified a Christian. Seconds before my husband lapsed into non-

responsiveness, I glimpsed him as the nurse was gently washing him, I noticed that he

was bone-thin and his skin had taken on a yellowish pallor. Yet he sat on a chair,

quietly and calmly talking to the nurse about the goodness of Jesus, as she in turn

quietly responded and affirmed this, as she continued his care. When I came in, I

suddenly felt the need to do something; to get darryl demoting he had been asking

earlier during the week. In a fateful decision, I turned heel and left with the purpose of

going to the gift store and returning with the small item; by then I reasoned, the nurse

would be done and I could talk to Darryl and basically have him to myself. This was not

to be. My husband died moments after I left his room. This is what comforts me; that

Darryls last moments on earth were spend talking about Christ to one more should with

his last breath of life.

Vera Hale

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