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Access to Beyond

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His personal experiences could probably have won him a Nobel Prize.

If he had been an actor he probably would have won an Academy Awards.

But there was some other call on his life, one much greater.

From his Forth Birthday Billy Porch began to have a dream that continued for twenty-six years, just as the voice that called to him from where he believed to be his mothers rose garden.

Twenty six years later while painting Billy fell to his death from the steeple of a sanctuary in the city.

Billy would remain clinically dead, for over thirty-six hours only to later return to life; a short time before his internment.

From the jaws of death he would return, chosen by supreme powers to be used not only as one of the greatest orators of his time, but as one who would bless the world with his gift of divine healing, miracles, and the ability to answer the unanswered questions of his time; and shedding more light on some of the mysteries that hide within the shadows of uncertainty.

For he was granted a privilege few humans ever have and that was: having Access to beyond.

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