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Beyond the Kaleidoscope: A Trilogy of Arcane Tales

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Beyond the Kaleidoscope presents a thought-provoking trilogy of contemporary tales exploring humanitys interactions with death and faith, extraterrestrial intelligence, and a series of bizarre parallel realities.

In A Stroll in the Park, an old man climbs out of his bunker in a post-apocalyptic world to wait for death to take him. A young fundamentalist man in a horse-drawn cart drops him at the entrance to a long-abandoned forest campgroundand decides to return the following day to check up on his new friend. What he finds will change his life forever.

The Truth Source explores what happens when big government deals with a big secret. When a so-called flying saucer crashes, mankind is suddenly confronted with incontrovertible evidence of intelligent extraterrestrial beings visiting Earth. If the artifacts from 1954 still exist, CIA agent Sully Mildauer intends to locate thembut hell have to save his two prize agents from a deadly forest fire in the process in order to learn whether they found aliens being cloned in a top-secret CIA lab.

In The Blind Watchmaker, a laboratory accident sends a scientist careening hell-bent through a dizzying slide show of bizarre parallel realities. In the process, he finds himself facing the fundamental truth of whoand whathe is. Take a peek beneath the shroud of chaos to discover humanitys place.

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