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Journey into Wisdom Everlasting: From the Epiphanic Archives

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A compendium of inspirational stories from those who experienced them. Written from a Catholic viewpoint by a deacon since 1970 with an ecumenical compassion.... and the collection continues to grow!

Born in Fredericksburg, Texas in 1934, Kenn Knopp graduated in 1956 from the Univerity of Texas in Austin with a degree in Investigative Journalism. His writings are extensive in the U.S., and in Germany, specializing in German Immigration to Texas from 1846 to the present. As health permits he is a teacher in area Adult Education classes about the History & Confl icts of the Cultures of the Texas Hill Country.

In 1974 he was ordained as a permanent deacon in the archdiocese of San Antonio, Texas. He served in this ministry in Fredericksburg, Texas, until 2005 when illness forced his retirement. Journey Into Wisdom are stories of inspiration and blessings he has collected through the years in his private Epiphanic Archives. He has destroyed individual names in these archives unless they have given him permission. He feels blessings should be used for blessings and that the scriptures advise that persons should be ready to give the reason for their joy as God assists in a persons Journey Into Wisdom Everlasting.

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