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Moonlight, Stuff and Nonsense: Poems for the Reflective Years

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About the Book:

The title of the book, Moonlight, Stuff and Nonsense, reflects its nature and its genesis. The poems, mostly short and to the point, were written in part for the monthly Newsletter of the Baylor University Retired Professors/Administrators Program. While most are light and humorous, they represent a wide range of moods and feelings from sentiment to humor to the ridiculous. Some are tongue-in-cheek, some are nostalgic and reminiscent. Some are free-wheeling and border on the outrageous.
The subtitle, Poems for the Reflective Years, suggests that many of the poems were written for a mature audience with a wide-range of memories and experiences, but people who are still warm in heart and possessed of keen intelligence and humor. The volume contains poems of self-examination and social comment--not untouched by an irony--love songs, poems to and about grandchildren, about insomnia, getting old, the smiles and frowns of married life, technology, daily frustrations, eye checkups, traffic, dog ownership, the natural creatures about us, and more, plus a generous helping of (printable) limericks.
Dr. Christian's poetic style varies from traditional, rhyming verse, to free verse and even blank verse. It seeks to be eminently readable but, the author hopes, never shallow or glib. He hopes the reader will smile, nod knowingly, remember with pleasure or with a tear and, perhaps once or twice, laugh aloud.

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