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Kiss My Fate

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Im Ferit
Manuscript. Kiss My Fate by Marc
Stone is a book about soul mates that have to break their curse before they can
be together. I was in a book that was called Kiss My Ferit.

Im your soul mate. We have curses to break. Said Bonnie.

I just met Destiny and we made
life lines cross. Said Ferit. Then Ferit went to his
imaginary work shop to invent a time machine. When he was done, he went to the
library where he met Constance the librarian.

Has my book come in? asked

looked on the table and read the titles as she picked them up: style='mso-bidi-font-style:normal'>Dream Demon Cook Book, Breaking Curses class=GramE>With Ordinary Kitchen Appliances, Make Friends Using Voodoo,
Vacation Tips for the Dead.
she picked up the last book. Here it is, The
Ferit Manuscript
by Ferit Manuscript.

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