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A Nation's Faith At-Risk: A Spiritual Perspective of the Economy

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All around us we see a world of paradox: deep ironic, and intractable. A world in which the hungry nations export food; the richest nations slip into demoralizing economic recessions; the strongest nations go to war against the smallest and weakest and are unable to win; a world in which revolutions against tyrannical systems themselves become tyrannies. In human affairs, celebrities receive still more publicity because of their knowledge of affairs only to find themselves cut off from the sources of their knowledgeable in warfare find themselves advising the government on how to win wars by using scientific knowledge....
the list is endless. Ours is a world of paradox. "John Gall"

This literature was written after a long process of learning to think like a great achiever and get myself out of a non-achiever poverty mindset. Today, many American are wondering if we are headed toward a poverty driven way of living. Therefore, people are repositioning themselves for the best of times or the worst of times.

As a result, the creative framework of this literature is a beginning for us to build a new mindset and reach worthwhile goals for ourselves and our communities. This book offers a systematic approach to creating a framework for organizational structure and development. This will clarify objectives for many to fulfill their mission toward their own people. Most change hungry people can grasp the important points within the text. Hopefully, at that point they gain well-timed information regarding the reality of faith. They enter into a thought-out dialogue with the writer.
The mission of this book is to help bring restoration to a Nation whose Faith is At-Risk, as well as look at our economy from a spiritual perspective. With every pocket of the earth overflowing with abuses, poverty, gang violence, at risk youths, prostitution, homelessness, domestic violence, addictions, murders, suicides, fatherless children, and corruption. This is not to mention sudden death of some well known people due to careless living. They face sudden death with seemingly no regard or thought of the eternal consequences of the way they lived their lives.

In an effort to carve a way for my creativity in this world of chaos and insecurities, I have learned to channel my energy into dreams and goals. This is partially how this book was born, A Nations Faith At-Risk and a Spiritual Perspective of the Economy. It is the result of a burning passion to reach the masses with the truth.

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