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Golden Results

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While todays real world slowly grapples with the causes and consequences of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the flood of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border of the United States, Stan Rogers, the entrepreneurial hero of Don Andersons trilogy (Deadly Calm; Seas the Day; and Golden Results) employs a different method. Successful and wealthy due to his skills and vision in the world of technology, Rogers seeks to give back by addressing the global issues of the day. Rogers already has had a great impact on the issues of population control, drug running, illegal immigration, and unsustainable fishing practices. In Golden Results, Rogers turns his attention to energy. Combining both realism and idealism, Rogers cuts through the usual bureaucratic red tape while playing by a set of rules that will address a level field. Not everyone in the story does. Political intrigue includes red tape designed to trip-up Rogers and to marginalize his ideas and vision, while powerful cartel leaders, seeing Rogers energy project as a threat to their drug routes, play by a different set of rules, trailing death behind them as they try to kill the project.

The venue is Baja California and the ocean with the array of fish that live within. Whether the challenger takes on dorado, speedy tuna, strong trevelly, or spectacular tarpon in native waters-or monstrous billfish prowling the oceans with weapon unsheathed-the chance of success or failure looms at any time. So it is when Stan fishes; so it is when Stan addresses a global problem. A strong sense of conservation winds through the story like a line pulled from the reel by a powerful fish yet linked to a fisherman who knows and values the integrity of the sea and its inhabitants.

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