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101 Ways to Avoid Hair Loss: For Persons with Relaxed, Natural, and Afro-Caribbean Hair

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In 101 WAYS TO AVOID HAIR LOSS, you will recognise the many ways in which hair loss can occur. There are so many processes which engender the loss of relaxed, permed and natural Afro-Caribbean hair, that excessive hair loss and damage is virtually ignored, or is accepted as normal.

Afro-Caribbean hair enjoys a sensational mix of various textures which stem from multi-racial mixes. This hair therefore, should be beautiful, alluring and provocative to all hair stylists. Sadly, those textures are looked upon as coarse, strange and difficult to manage. When hair loss occurs, the blame is too frequently placed on the hair quality, something which is almost totally acceptable to many persons.

Hair loss frustrates, and hair maintenance sometimes becomes a little too demanding. This then results in the acceptance of poor hair care. If only steps would be taken to avoid hair loss, what beauty, amazement and interest would be generated in Afro-Caribbean hair. This book will allow persons to have an informed view of various everyday situations which can cause hair loss. For the author believes that as one becomes aware, swift action will definitely be taken , resulting in the eventual love for Afro-Caribbean hair.

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