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Journey of a Whispering Heart: Romantic Poetry for Lovers

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This collection of contemporary romantic poetry explores the many joys and agonies of the miracle of love. It was written for lovers of all persuasions and for those who know enough to treasure love, no matter with whom it is sharedman with woman, man with man, or woman with woman. Author Jason S. Nino explores love as a human emotion, with all of its turmoil, longing, false hope, disappointment, and exuberance, from the perspective of a young mans expressive heart. When it comes to love, there is no holding back. All feelings are communicated with wondrous expression. The power of this book is in its ability to move the readers emotions through its imagery, words, and art. Jason S. Nino began writing poetry as a child and grew accustomed to putting his thoughts and emotions into his poems. He is a sensitive, imaginative, and emotional poet. He reaches into the depths of his heart, explores deeply, and utters every possible feeling that one can experience under the spell of love. This book chronicles the seasons of love from sighs and moans to screams and silence.

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