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The Stuff of Legends: Tales of Van Buren Township of Brown County’S People

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This talented author has again accomplished the impossible by bringing her colorful characters to life in a very entertaining way as only she can do. Read aboutthe young boy who discovered a beer box airplane made a wreckage of his plans to fight the war..the older couple who loved squirrel meat; she couldnt see, he couldnt hear so they hunted together quite successfully..the old soldier who thought bathing made him smell like a sissy.. the storekeeper who made and sold pickled dog..the older woman who whipped her naughty chickens.. the young mother who was prepared to shoot an invader.. the couple who dated 48 years before finally marrying and why they waited so long. Read all of these stories and many more in this exciting, easy to read historical document. You will laugh and cry all the way through this book.

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