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No Gain! No Pain!: A Mindful Approach to Weight Loss Management

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NO GAIN! NO PAIN! is an inspirational and insightful preparation for a lifetime of weight management success. Regardless of any diet you may try, this book is a MUST if you want to understand what could be blocking the progress of achieving your weight goals. Having a mindful approach is a necessary ingredient to your weight management strategy.

The author takes you on a journey and walks you through the mindful process of recognizing barriers to your success. The author explains how self-love and self-talk are crucial to the weight management process. How you feel and what you say is the instruction your body listens to and follows, which ultimately directs your destiny. Learning new ways to say what you mean and understand how you feel will ultimately lead to new ways your body responds. Achieving your goals is a continuous process.

Wearing the appropriate weight for your height is essential in matters of health and wellness. Obesity is becoming the norm in a society that promotes the disease.

The cost of obesity is great and the health risks far out-weigh the benefits. Your health

matters!!! YOU matter!!!

As you learn to replace the word loss with the word management, the feeling of being deprived is suddenly eliminated. There is no failure and no pain. Suddenly the very process of reducing your weight becomes enjoyable and exciting because you are the creator of the process and the designer of the outcome.

The inspiration messages at the beginning of each chapter and the food for thought at the end of each chapter will motivate you into decisive action. You have decided! You are on your way! You are in the process of successful weight management! It never ends. Whether you want to reduce or maintain, the process is continuous.

This book will whet your appetite to learn more about yourself and how to overcome the very obstacles that block your success. The sooner you read it, the sooner you will learn new ways of talking to yourself, new ways of choosing, and new ways of adjusting to the new you that you are becoming every minute of your life. This is your life, designed by you, enjoy the journey. Dont weight!

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