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Knight's Code

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What if the United States really was not the land of the government of the people, by the people, for the people? What if instead of the duly elected President and Congress, there was a second, secret corporate organization with Government ties dominating the affairs of state within the United States? Was Pearl Harbor a plot conceived by Roosevelt and Churchill to get an isolationist U.S. into WWII? What force thrust Harry Truman into a position to lead us into the atomic age? How was he elected, and who really killed JFK? Why did Lyndon Johnson leave the White House at the height of the Vietnam War? Why did we stop at the gates of Baghdad during the first Desert War against Saddam Hussein? The political and military leaders of the latter sixty years of the 20th Century come alive in these pages, and the historical events actually took place. Where does the line between fiction and historical fact become blurred? The answer to all of these questions is Knights Code.

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