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God's Grace

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I feel my book Gods Grace is an extension of myself. The way I feel, the way I look at things, and the way I see life. Some of the poems express sadness, others concern and others express happiness. Some of the poetry is just plain heartfelt writting. My book is a collection of religious poetry. If you like poetry please give my book a try. My hope is that my book will be enjoyable to you as you read. All the poetry is written with the Lord Jesus in mind. I love the Lord Jesus and my poetry is written with the Lords hand on my pen. Feeling all the words and phrases in my poetry, Jesus wants readers by the multitude. So his flock will grow in great numbers.

Hopefully this book will help that happen in some small way. My hope is my poems will be uplifting to all readers. I pray that souls will be saved by the words that are written in this book. This poetry is about us ond our relationship with Jesus Christ. Read and understand our Jesus is Lord of all things God Bless You....

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