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There's More! Different Destinies: A New Look at the Old Testament

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If you are a Christian, this book will change your entire outlook on life, both here and hereafter. Yours' is a destiny greater than that of those who have gone before you. We have been told, but we have not fully grasped the full meaning of, "the message". Your destiny is not with God in Heaven, but with Christ here upon Earth along with your friends and loved ones. This book will tell you why. We will go back and examine the Old Testament in light of New Testament Teachings to see whether similar promises were made to those who went before us. In so doing, we will discover many interesting ideas, which are not a part of our current biblical study. Did Adam and Eve have children before they fell from Grace? What was Adam's choice? We will use current theories, such as Cataclysmic Change, and current discoveries in the fields of science to see how the Almighty God used the powers of His creation to bring about the fulfillment of His purpose. When was the Earth divided? What do Egypt and Mars have in common? When did the Poles reverse? The ways in which God used His awesome power are mind boggling and they are recorded in the Scriptures and other chronicles around the World. Whether you agree or not, it will stimulate your mind and is certain to be a topic of discussion, not only by Christians but also by others with inquiring minds.

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