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To Touch Heaven: Where the Invisible Becomes Visible

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Katherine was a biologist. She taught physical science, biology, and chemistry; she understood the way the world worked, including the intricate functions of the human body until she made the trek to Ethiopia. Her husband suggested the trip on a whim. Katherine agreed, but how could she have known that her moment of agreement would change her life forever?

Brother Benedict, a monk, led her over the mountains of Ethiopia. He led her to the very highest cliffs, and that daythat momentmade her doubt every bit of science she had ever known. She found God on that mountain. She touched heaven, and when she touched heaven, she felt its power and promise. Her guide calmly told her, You have experienced the Lalibella Moment.

Katherine discovered a hidden holy land. She had her moment, when the divine broke through and altered her life. But there is more to be learned in the hills of Ethiopia. Katherine soon comes upon secrets of the human body that render her speechless as she struggles to accept the enlightenment of the untouched holy land. Join Katherinean unintended pilgrimon her journey of the soul, and feel the tugging of the divine on your own heart, as well.

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