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Emily Martin takes her job as a Crisis Intervention Social Worker very
seriously. Unfortunately, her years of experience have not helped her
develop a thicker skin when it comes to her cases. Once again her
world is turned upside down by the tragic murder of 23-month-old
Sara Germane. But this case is dangerous to Emily for a whole different
reason altogether. As more details about the case surface, Emily and the
residents of this small Oregon community are shocked by the realization
that a serial killer lives among them.
Soon Emily crosses paths with Agent Seth Brady, media darling of the
FBI. But before the relationship with this mysterious stranger can develop,
Emily witnesses the most recent murder, and the white, hot danger
surrounding her and her family explodes.
Seths involvement with these crimes is a personal one. He teams up with
local detective, Richard Dixon, intent on solving his sisters brutal murder.
And together they race to find this serial killer before its too late.
But this monster remains on the hunt, determined to finish what hes
started. Hes Emilys biggest threat. Locked in her mind lies his identity,
and with each passing day she grows closer to remembering. And its a
threat the killer can no longer afford to live with.

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