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Alexander's Obsession: A Novel By

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Judd Harmons life is in chaos. His young son is dead . . . his wife is gone . . . his creditors are relentless . . . and unsavory acts he committed as security vice president for faltering Linton Technologies are about to surface.

When the reclusive and vengeful billionaire, known only as Alexander, offers Harmon a fortune for orchestrating a forced takeover of a major pharmaceutical company, Harmon is compelled to listen. Alexander knows the skeletons in Harmons closet, including the most devastating one. Faced with an offer he cant refuse, Harmon agrees to cooperate. Aided by Cory, Alexanders brilliant and beautiful chief strategist, Harmon has just three months to assemble a takeover team and accomplish his mission . . . Martin, Alexanders merciless enforcer, vows to keep Harmon fully motivated . . .


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