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The Saddlebag Gospels

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Bikers are spiritual people. They may or may not go to church and few will align themselves with any particular religion or denomination. They are nonetheless, deeply spiritual. It comes naturally after riding through some of the most beautiful countryside in the world! Creation cries out to our five senses, daring us to deny the existence of a higher power.

Many still do not recognize that there is a personable God who wants to know us intimately. Jesus Christ spoke to the common man and is relevant to the road warriors of today. In the New Testament, Jesus uses simple stories and parables to communicate His message. The Saddlebag Gospels capture these stories, partnering them with tales from the highway, to illustrate the Gospel or Good News.

So, tuck this book into your saddlebags and enjoy a story or two as you have a cup of coffee. Gain a clearer understanding of a God who truly loves you and then ponder the truth of the words you have read as you head out onto the highway.

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