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Forrest Valley: The Life of Deacon the Teenage Celebrity Gangster

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This is the story of the dramatic life, the one thing after another life, and the long list of dramatic events that took place in this now older mans youthful years. His youthful years consisted of a lot of give and take, and rising hell through the 1950s and early 1960s.

This is a story of a young boy on the very bottom of the social latter and his sudden awakening to the feeling of RESPECT. I put that word in caps because that word and REPUTATION are two of the most important words in a Black mans life. This fight for respect gave rise to his subsequent struggles, determination, and persistence to climb to the very top of his peer group and his role as he reign at the top as a teenage celebrity gangster.

This story tells of the race problems incurred by this child and a Colored boy that did not believe that he was in any way inferior to other people and his refusal to accept a second-class role. This boy made his own rules and paid his dues for it. He somehow managed to handle his ups and downs and heartbreaking hurts and overcame the pit falls, so that he could take and hold a respectable place at the top of teenage society.

These were glory seeking days with young men fighting with their fist, investing long grueling hours to reach the top of the teenage mountain, where some only ruled for a short time over the teenage world.

Once at the top of this mountain some young people found that the way that society has structured theirs lives many of them met large hurdles so early in life that they couldnt jump over them mentally and become completely emotionally drained. This story tells how and why they fell from the top of the teenage world landing in the bottomless pit of the wine bottle where they lived the rest of their lives and died.

You will read about teenage genius; organization, planning, unity, love, trust, loyalty, friendship, and the sophisticated inter workings and smoothness of teenage gangster politics and law.

The beginning of the trash talking and rhyming and the role it played in the lives of teenagers and of the different hats worn by teenagers and the many different roles that they played on a daily basis is portrayed here.

The gangs or clubs, if you will, began at this time and you will learn why they were formed, the purposes they served and what they accomplished.

This book contains not only the funny but also the very serious emotions experienced by the young tender hearts of the youth of this particular age, the 1950s and 1960s.

People are born into a certain environment and that environment is the only world they know so it is how they perceive the world to be. So they deal with their world the best that they know how. This environment consisted of hot rodding in cars dancing to rock and roll music and being wild and crazy. It was and still is a socially engineered environment.

Some names have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty.

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