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The Christ-Man Chronicles: Actions Speaks Louder Than Words.

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In The Christ-Man Chronicles, Cooper-Giles posits a compelling argument for both clergy and politicians, and their social issues, which should manifest and morph into models of progressive change and enlightenment.

This book chronicles somewhat the search for bin Laden and Al Qaeda, the War on Terror, and the incidental attacks on Iraq in March 2003. The narrative also alludes to some reasons why there is much animosity and hatred toward America and some of its allies, especially so-called Israel, in the Muslim world. It affirms the double-standards, dubious, and often racist nature of Americas government policies in both domestic and foreign affair: particularly, its arrogant imperialistic attitude in dealing with Third World countries.

Nevertheless, Cooper-Giles proclaims that everyone has the conscious potent ability to become Christ-Men in their personal journey here on Earth with the discovery of ones divine mission and purpose, and the eventual understanding of being the person that one is meant to be: this knowledge is gained by distinguishing the difference between the illusionists and the creative value-producers around us!

Everyone should understand that they are made in the image of God, our Creator, as a distinct individual, who has a divine, a unique, and a separate soul-force different than anyone else on this planet

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