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A New Birth: The Key to All of God’S Provisions

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Lora and Greg are young and talented professionals, both with graduate degrees and good jobs, engaged to be married. Both are raised by Christian parents and are holding leadership positions among the youths in their church. As part of their marriage preparation, Lora, invited by a friend attended a pre-marital weekend retreat in another city, where she experiences a new dimension of spiritual encounter. Excited, she phones Greg to share the good news with him. To her amazement, Greg is not excited or amused, and he does not even want to hear about it. Really, he is very angry; argues with Lora, and smashes the receiver on the phone. He has not done anything like this in their over five years of relationship. Things seem to be falling apart, and the center is not holding. Is this going to be the end of their relationship and wedding plans or are they going to be able to swim through this muddy water together and end up as husband and wife? This is the challenge this young couple is facing.

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