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At beginning to read this book the reader enters from the first lines onward already, upon an unusual sphere, whilst a bright world begins to open up. The author takes you ever deeper into heights, into depth, endorsing awareness ever further into verities of renewed discovery. One becomes endowed with a new light, a vast sense of the eternal mysteries.

Despite the mysteries ongoing, yet they begin to give us clues, to finding the golden thread amid the mazes.

As you traverse along, pausing awhile at the lovely and sometimes startling verses in this work, which are bound to touch one profoundly into heart and soul.

As we are taken into remotest beginnings, later; even there we played among the elements, the winds and vapors and onwards, still in the process of gathering atoms.

A revealing view amid multidimensional context of meaning.

With reading onward the perceptions open surely, each individually at ones own pace. The lines ease up soon enough when the content relaxes unto some personal glimpses now and then. The serene verses throughout are part of the shifting kaleidoscope, so suitable.

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