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A Journey to Cocktail Enlightenment: Two Thirsty Guys Discover Atlanta's Best Drinks

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A Journey to Cocktail Enlightenment

Two Thirsty Guys Discover Atlanta's Best Drinks

"What were we seeking? Was it an incredible cocktail or an incredible experience? Was one possible without the other?

"We're evolving from our primitive beginnings of making and enjoying flavored martinis. Our search for unusual cocktails thus far has broadened our knowledge and expanded our appreciation of finely crafted cocktails. Right here, we seem to have hit the true mother lode

"A long sequence of unique samplings and events had us thinking in innovative ways and discovering something that never would have entered our minds before

"We not only held our own against professional bartenders, but beat out over half of our competitors. Our ability to accurately judge a cocktail has been substantiated.

Two friends and bon vivants who enjoy liquid refreshments take a journey in search of the best cocktails they can find in and around the Atlanta area. Their travels take them from neighborhood bars to well-known establishments. In the process, they encounter colorful characters, discover delicious recipes, and develop an appreciation for what makes a great cocktail. Their journey also leads them to something greater.

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