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Final Days of Creation: Living Transcript of Eve

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The Final Days of Creation positions the living heirs of the Heavens and Earth for the Creation of the Promise that directly ties into the Everlasting Kingdom. The True Vine of salvation and the Heavenly Afterlife that will now be avail for the pure of hearts and hands. A choice now for you! A rest of deep proportions, or walking feet of flesh or angel feet of the heavenly proportions. Existence has just begun.

The Altar is called Jehovah Jireh` It shall be seen

And it was so, the golden cross of Calvary, the land of Jerusalem.
In a field, crosses of silence. Anno 21st c Judgments 2010


A Golden Cross ~ Man with long hair and facial hair, in the field of Calvary.
Branch tag of root` Rab Bon ~ Adam young man
Facial Jehovah Zion
A Golden Sword Afire ~ Garden of Eden
September 18th 2010 21st c

Yes in deed, I did recognize the root tag as Adam
and the son of Heavenly Virgin, Jesus.
In fact this life time, I spotted Adam in a parking lot and chased him down.
The seconds of yesterday. Speech less in deed. I told him my name.

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