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Deep learning: deep learning explained to your granny – a guide for beginners

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 Ready to crank up a deep neural network to get your self-driving car pick up the kids from school? Want to add 'Deep Learning' to your LinkedIn profile?

Well, hold on there...

Before you embark on your epic journey into the world of deep learning, there is basic theory to march through first!

Take a step-by-step journey through the basics of Deep Learning, made so simple that…even your granny could understand it!

What you will gain from this book:

* A deep understanding of how Deep Learning works
* A basics comprehension on how to build a Deep Neural Network from scratch

Who this book is for:

* Beginners who want to approach the topic, but are too afraid of complex math to start!

What's Inside?

* A general overview of Deep Learning
* What are the limits of Deep Learning?
* Deep Learning: the basics    
* Layers, Learning paradigms, Training, Validation
* Main architectures and algorithms    
* Convolutional Neural Networks    
* Models for Deep Learning    
* Probabilistic graphic models
* Restricted Boltzmann Machines
* Deep Belief Networks
* Available Frameworks and libraries
* TensorFlow

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