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I've Been There

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If you have ever experience moments in life where you felt alone in love, marriage or just not accepted. Cornan's writings are deep and heart piercing. His book is about experiences that will captivate your mind. Have you ever been in love or been with someone but didn't know the reason why? Have you lived a life of hardship and bad relationships but felt the presence of GOD through it all?

Cornan writes on different venues of life such as; love, relationship, marriage, cheating, church, life, work and people of the world. He encourages people to live and appreciate life as it is and accept people for who they are and not for who we wish them to be. He understands that the world is meant for change and his poetry expresses the changes we may go through as children, teenagers and adults. His life journey shows no matter what we go through someone can relate and "No matter how hard life gets there's always words to comfort you!" And God is real!

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