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The Secret of Misty Mountain

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Is it real? Is it a dream? Or could some place like this actually exist? In this day of struggles like the economy, unemployment, scandal, lies and all other words that fall under the descriptive words of negativism and disrespect, could there actually be a place to go that will offer the gift of peace in this lifetime?
Step into the ideal world as the author dreamed it could be. The Secret of Misty Mountain offers hope for the future for anyone who wishes to accept it and its main character, Bob, is ready for that change. Bob is a simple, down to earth man that grew up in a small town in the heart of America. He never let go of his downhome values no matter where his lifetime travels took him. Bob is somehow intuitive to a special place out there, somewhere, that will give him peace in his life. This place also offers respect for all and you dont have to fight to get it. During his venture to find out where or when he will find this wonderful other world, Bob makes special friendships and touches lives around the world spreading his message of peace through respect.
The mist at Misty Mountain offers a special feeling that Bob has finally found what he knew was out there. He finally enters a whole new world and lives out his life peacefully with his dog by his side.

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