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No Greater Sacrifice: A Son's Model to Success

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This story proves that there is such a thing as the "American Dream". It is about a mother, Dolores L. Garcia, a courageous lady who believed in herself and her children. It is also the story of a five year old boy who under her guidance began selling limes in a street corner in Laredo, Texas and became very successful in the meat industry and in real estate. Their beginning was no different than many others in the predominantly Hispanic community. However, most families were so busy making ends meet that they couldn't get out of the vicious cycle they found themselves in. Luckily, Dolores had a three part formula to succeed: work hard, plan for the future, never let go of your dreams. This plan gave a five year old boy great success.

Dolores became a widow when she was thirty years old. She had ten children, including a set of twins in ages from newborn to a 13 year old. Because her husband was a good provider to her and her children, Dolores led a very sheltered life. Because her husband did most of the shopping, she did not even know how to buy groceries. She lived in government-assisted housing and worked two jobs from 6:00 to midnight to make ends meet. Within five years, she bought a house and a car. The spirit and strengths she possessed she passed to her seven daughters and her two year old son, the author of this book. All of her children became successful and they utilized their God-given gifts. They applied all the guidance and life lessons that their mother passed on to them. This is a story that will affect every reader and help them cope in facing adversity.

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