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Plasticity: The Jesus Affect

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As the modern-day Psalmist Vashawn Mitchell so eloquently put it, there is nobody greater than the Lord Jesus Christ. When Vashawn stated this he was simply expressing himself in the way that God saw fi t to give him. What this book is to me is my form of expression from what I believe God saw fi t to give me. This is and I am a work in progress, so it might not be what you would have put together. However, I feel that there is a poem or two for every individual on this earth. If there is not wait on the second book of poetry. It is sure to tickle your fancy.

This Great God is alive in me and has given me a passion to write. He has brought me through many tough times and continues to deal with me on a regular basis. Th at is why I say that myself and my form of expression is a work in progress. I am trying to take an age old art form and put my very own twist to it. I pray that your will take this journey with me and be inspired to use your talents for God in your own way.

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