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From Ignorance to Enlightenment: One Man’S Biblical Journey

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As a child growing up in a small midwestern town, Reverend O. L. Johnson never attended church. God, Jesus, and salvation meant nothing to him. It would take yearsalong with military service, marriage, children, and divorcebefore he would come to discover the wonderful meaning behind those words.

From Ignorance to Enlightenment details Johnsons remarkable journey to find God. He goes into the very heart of his search as he struggles to understand the role of the church in his life, the glory of salvation, and Gods plan for his life. From his early days in the church and his complete ignorance of the Gospels good news to his eventual spiritual awakening and acceptance of Christ as his savior, Johnson reveals all.

In addition to his own walk in Christ, Johnson addresses practical issues of many Christians today. He delves into the Scriptures to find answers to questions such as why the local church exists, what it means to be a new creature in Christ, and how we can know we are saved.

On the day Johnson dropped the face of righteousness and embraced his new life in Christ, he truly became born again. Walk with him on his voyage and discover how Jesus can transform your life!

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