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Holy Hodgepodge!: Have You Thought About Your Religion Lately?

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We often claim that religion is the most important facet of our lives. It determines the quality of life here and in the hereafter, yet we give it little serious thought. Our beliefs are arranged. We simply borrow or accept what someone else tells us. It is customaryand generally expectedthat we follow the same religious patterns and preferences as our parents and grandparents.

In Holy Hodgepodge, author Paul E. Sago invites us to think seriously about our religious beliefs: what do we really believe and why do we believe it? Through a unique blend of personal experience and theological reflection, Sago examines several key concepts of various religions with a critical eye. He discusses the ideas of God, creation, sin, the afterlife, heaven, and hell.

Providing a refreshing view of God and religion, Holy Hodgepodge encourages us to think more seriously about what we have so easily, and sometimes rather casually, accepted as our beliefs about God and religion to bring forth a new faith that will be more personal and meaningful.

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