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Love Flows Like a River: N/A

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What the world needs now is love. Love is life. This precious life is worth living to the fullest. When you love someone or something you are most likely to show and tell it. This selection of mosaic love poems will give you a broader perspective of love. These little poems will touch your heart, they will make you laugh, smile, cry and shout with joy. Because of joy, you may find something inside these poems that will speak to your soul that you always wanted to hear, but never heard.
These love poems are designed for the healing of the broken hearted and to strengthen those who are truly in love. Not just love between two persons, but with people, places and things. Each page will have you wanting more love into your life. Before long you will be telling everyone about this little book of love. This may be just what you need, to express your happiness and thoughtfulness to others, and to more fully enjoy your life. Enjoy.

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