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Lessons of Life

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One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching.
It is amazing to see that sometimes a poorest man from an insignificant past can leave us with the richest inheritance. And as the author looks into his own life, realizing on what he has had, lost, gained, and taken for granted. He is compelled to tell a story.
Lessons of Life tells a story of a mans journey through life; a friend and father from a humble, insignificant childhood with a polygamist, atheist father. A man who rose from child labor in the cold tea mountains of the southern region of Tanzania to a magnificent future. The story of a man who conquered as a result of the opportunities through education and a Christian faith. It tells of his brave fight against cancer and serves as a witness to those on a journey, bearing testament that no matter where you may come from, or how hard the journey may be, the Lord grants His mercies. And in His mercies you will find opportunities to chart a journey, to share a story, to make a difference in the world around with memoirs of a life worth watching.

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