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Flowing Like a River: More Than Just Words

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Flowing Like A River is a poetic expression of true-life experiences. It covers four separate areas: Love-Friendship-Romance, Spiritual, Children and Nature and, General poetry.

Combining humor with deep, true feelings, Ashley invites all readers to be entertained, educated and to also reflect on their own personal experiences. Though deep and thoughtful, each poem is so simple that persons of almost every age can read, understand and enjoy.

If you want to express your true feelings to loved ones, there are many to suit you. You can even fine a few for Spiritual occasions or simply to reflect on the goodness of God in your life. You can entertain a child, encourage, comfort, make someone stop and think by simply choosing one of these poems. You had a hard day and work and need to relax? Then read one of the Mosquito poems; you will surely feel better.

You are cordially invited. Come on in, be like a boat and flow along on that river of words as they gently flow from my lips. These poems are nothing short of being real; take some time to sit, relax and enjoy.

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