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Ripples of God’S Love: Poems to Refresh the Soul

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Real life is not perfect. There are good days and bad. There are burdens that feel too heavy to bearlonely nights and hopeless days. It would be easy to give up. Yet the world tells us to be strong, keep going, and get tough. If we keep going, well find what were looking for; well move in the right direction. But how is it possible to find our direction, when lost in darkness?

Ripples of Gods Love speaks volumes in the gloom, offering hope to the despairing. Told through inspired poetry, it shares the reflection of a life lived in the light of Gods love. Author Carol Crouch uses life experiences combined with nature analogies and scriptural references to present an alternateand God-focusedway to view the unexpected and unreasonable circumstances in life. This altered world view enables the influx of peace, understanding, and faith in an all-knowing creator.

Our lives were never intended to be humdrum. Daily trials should never be viewed as punishments. Instead, through poetry, discover an exciting new side of your lifea side filled with the beauty and blessing of nature. The transition is simple. God is waiting to fill you with comfort and hope; merely view the world through a filter of living moment by joyous moment in Christ.

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