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My Conversations with God: Wondering, Pondering and Trying to Get It Right

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I wonder a lot about what God is doing in the world. And why He picks some of the people he picks to do the things He has them do. I even wonder why He picked me to do what He said He wanted me to do.

So I asked Him. And He told me. Told me about that Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Told me about Noah and his big boat. About Abraham and Jacob and Joseph down in Egypt - And Moses and that Goat. Told me about Joshua and the Walls of Jericho. Job on the dung heap. Made me feel better about myself.

I was hesitant to ask Him about His own Son, Jesus. But He talked to me just as if He thought I might be able to understand. And Peter and Paul. And how a man could be struck blind and have his eyes opened all at the same time.

I was still wondering, more than ever. And he took me back again to that Tree of Knowledge and I thought that Tree must be the most wonderful Tree in all Creation. But a greater wonder is that He would talk with me, and give me such a special job to do. I wondered: Why me?

Then He said to me. Write it down. And get it right this time. So I wrote it down just the way He told it to me. Now I wonder if I have got it right. And if you who read my tale will get it right because you are one of His People too. I hope.

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